Our Objective . . .

is to keep our clients from paying higher property taxes than necessary.

Our clients are our most important asset. They understand that their tax obligations do not extend to paying excessive property taxes.  They rely on our expertise and research ability to help them pay property taxes based on the most equitable valuations. Property Tax Affiliates Inc. is a real estate and personal property tax consulting firm engaged by major companies across the country.  We negotiate with Appraisal Districts and Assessors for the most favorable and fair tax valuations on our client's properties.  As a past tax appraiser for the Dallas Central Appraisal District, I have first hand knowledge as to how properties are assessed.

We are in the business of saving money for our clients, and we have an excellent documented track record.

Bigger is not necessarily better.  It is the attitude, aggressiveness and commitment of the firm that counts in saving money.  We are well versed in the complexity and changing nature of the rules and procedures followed by Appraisal Districts and Assessors.

For most properties, the ad valorem tax is the largest single line item.  We have saved millions of tax dollars for our clients. Let us do the same for you!

David Cleveland, President
Property Tax Affiliates, Inc.